Jim Canaday was meant to become Sheriff from his first days as a young Deputy, decades ago. I had the privilege of working with Jim as a prosecutor on scores of major felonies, and all of his cases resulted in convictions. He was-and is- the Best of the Best in law enforcement. His courage, ethics, intelligence and dedication BEYOND the call of duty earn Jim Canaday the support of all law-abiding Raleigh County Voters

I have known Jim Canaday for years, and his reputation within law enforcement community is second to none. It was that reputation, as well as his accomplishments as Chief Deputy, that made him by far the most qualified candidate to fulfill the unexpired term as Sheriff and is the reason the County Commission selected him. It is because of his leadership and partnership with the County Commission that we have been able to provide a state-of-the-art law enforcement facility for the Sheriff’s Office and increase salaries for Deputies. The County Commission also works with him closely in his duties as Treasurer, and he has done exceptionally well managing County bank accounts, working with banks to get the best rates and terms for tax payer money. The County Commission unanimously selected Jim as Sheriff in 2023, and I wholeheartedly support him to continue as Sheriff in the upcoming election. I believe his qualifications and experience make him the most capable person to be the Raleigh County Sheriff.

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