Already Trusted


When Scott VanMeter was elected Sheriff, he selected me to fill the role of Chief Deputy.  The Chief Deputy is responsible for all law enforcement operations, and he entrusted me with that position.  Being Chief Deputy is an incredible responsibility. The ability of the agency to effectively function requires dependable leadership. Sheriff Van Meter believed I was qualified to oversee the law enforcement function of one of the largest Sheriff’s Offices in West Virginia.

When Sheriff Van Meter was elected County Clerk, I was asked to apply for appointment to the vacant position.  My application was one of several, but the Raleigh County Commission felt that my experience and qualifications, along with a proven record, placed me as the most qualified person to fill the vacancy and appointed me as Sheriff.

These events place me in a unique position for the upcoming election.  Often, voters are faced with having to choose a candidate that is untested and possibly unqualified and hope they have made the right selection.  With this election that is not the case.  I have already been vetted-twice.  The first was when Sheriff Van Meter selected me as Chief Deputy, and then when your Commissioners unanimously selected me to fill the position as Sheriff.  

Equally important is the fact that I will have no learning curve to continue to serve as your Raleigh County Sheriff.  I am intimately familiar with how to operate the law enforcement operations of the Department from my time as Chief Deputy as well has how to carry out the administrative duties of Sheriff due to currently serving in that capacity.  Essentially January 1, 2025 can be the same as any other day, without the need for someone to spend significant time and effort learning how to be the Sheriff, without the need to reacquaint staff or establish networks with county, state, and federal officials.  With all of the uncertainty in the world today, you have the opportunity to vote for someone already proven to be qualified for the position of Raleigh County Sheriff.

The position of Sheriff is one of trust to oversee the Law Enforcement Division, Tax Division, and serve as the Raleigh County Treasurer. The Sheriff should be capable of providing guidance in each of these roles, including law violations, complex investigations, tax matters, personnel, internal controls, budgets, and conservatorships. 

The Sheriff should be knowledgeable about the requirements and needs of the Deputies in the Law Enforcement Division.  For example, what would be the most beneficial specialized training for Special Response Team members?  Which equipment is beneficial to the Crime Scene Investigation team to assist in case preparation? Which type of interview school has been proven to be the best for investigators?  What support can the Raleigh County Sheriff’s Office provide the Drug Task Force in the investigation of their cases?  What will the Prosecuting Attorney need to successfully prosecute?

With regard to the non-law enforcement duties, people should expect the Sheriff to be able to carry out the duties of executor, serve as fiduciary of certain protected persons, administer the tax code and tax collections fairly, secure and administer county funds safely and advantageously for the citizens, and cultivate strong working relationships with other law enforcement agencies and County offices.

When former Sheriff Van Meter asked me to assume the position of Chief Deputy, he selected me because he believed I had the knowledge and experience required to successfully lead the law enforcement operations of the Raleigh County Sheriff’s Office. The people of Raleigh County trusted Scott Van Meter to be Sheriff, he trusted me to be his Chief Deputy, and the Raleigh County Commission trusted me to take over the position as Sheriff of Raleigh County.  I am asking you to continue that trust.