Already Proven


Leading one of the largest Sheriff’s Offices in the state requires an understanding of the many responsibilities of the Office.  Within the Law Enforcement Division there are 57 Deputy Sheriffs allotted to furnish detectives, road patrol, court bailiffs, drug task force detectives, a Special Response Team (SRT), school resource officers, K-9 units, and other Federal Task Force personnel, such as United States Marshal Service Task Force Officers, FBI Task Force Officers, and ATF Task Force Officers.  

Over the course of my career, I have watched the Raleigh County Sheriff’s Office rise from a difficult position in the basement of the Raleigh County Commission building into an agency with state of the art equipment and facilities, competitive pay, and some of the most highly decorated Deputies in the State.  I am proud to say that in addition to being part of that, I have been in leadership roles through most of that growth.  Not only did I work as a road patrol deputy, detective, drug task force officer, and special response team member, I led many divisions throughout my career.  I have served as Chief Detective, Drug Task Force Supervisor, Special Response Team Commander, and Chief Deputy prior to being appointed as Sheriff.  I understand what it takes to not only be a Deputy Sheriff, but lead Deputy Sheriffs.

In the Tax Division, we have nine dedicated employees who assist with collection of taxes based on the amounts levied by the Assessor.  Additionally, they are often tasked with assisting tax payers with determining exact amounts owed on properties and vehicles and explaining payment options.  

Further, it is within the Tax Division that the duties of Treasurer are performed.  These duties include the management of millions of dollars of County funds, working with banks and other financial institutions that hold these funds and assuring the County is receiving the most favorable interest rates and terms.  Regularly, the duties of Treasurer include contacting area banks for bids on different County accounts to ensure favorable terms for these funds, as well as what time of financial instrument would be best in various circumstances.  In order to adequately perform these duties, it is necessary that the Sheriff/Treasurer have a firm understanding of the banking and financial industry in order to communicate effectively with the professionals in that industry.

Over my career as a with the Raleigh County Sheriff’s Office, I have established a record of proven leadership.  This leadership record was further expanded with my appointment to Chief Deputy in 2017.  In December 2022, the Raleigh County Commission entrusted me with the Office of Sheriff and since then I have continued a record of proven leadership as Sheriff of Raleigh County.